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Successfully resolving family disputes for over 20 years

Successfully resolving family disputes for over 20 years

Serving Families With Compassion And Close Attention

When you encounter a challenging legal matter, it can often feel as if there is no way forward. However, by working with an experienced attorney who understands your needs, you can move through your troublesome situation calmly and arrive at a bright future.

At Law & Mediation Office of Lewis S. Calderon, Mr. Calderon assists clients throughout the five boroughs of New York with a variety of family law difficulties. He provides amicable and cost-effective solutions to problems that can seem overwhelming in their strife and expense.

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You do not have to approach divorce, child custody or other conflicts with distress. Instead, work with Law & Mediation Office of Lewis S. Calderon to take back control and resolve them peacefully.

Resolve Issues Calmly Through Mediation

By using mediation, Mr. Calderon helps clients maintain amicable relations and have more control over the outcome of their legal issues. He can serve as a mediator or represent you in your mediation sessions throughout New York state.

With that said, he is also a tenacious litigator who can represent you in court if private negotiation or mediation does not achieve beneficial results. It is rare to find a family law attorney with appellate experience, but Mr. Calderon has handled numerous family law appeals.

Jewish Orthodox Divorce From An Attorney Who Understands

There are many unique concerns involved in Jewish Orthodox divorce. Lewis Calderon has helped many Orthodox husbands and wives obtain a get. He can also help you navigate the many conflicting, emotional issues that affect you, your family and your community when ending your marriage.

Reach Out For A Free Initial Consultation

The help of a compassionate attorney is within your grasp. Take the first step toward the calm resolution of your family conflict by contacting the offices of Law & Mediation Office of Lewis S. Calderon in Jamaica. To schedule your free, confidential initial consultation, call 718-673-2617 or send an email today.