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Why Should You Choose The Law & Mediation Office Of Lewis S. Calderon For Your Appeal?

Last updated on October 30, 2023

If you received an unfavorable verdict for a family law matter, you do not have to give up. By filing an appeal, you have the option of changing the course of your future. To do this, though, you will need the counsel of a knowledgeable appellate lawyer.

Law & Mediation Office of Lewis S. Calderon can represent you. In Mr. Calderon’s 20-plus years of experience, he has advocated for clients in appellate courts throughout New York state. He has handled appeals for cases ranging from divorce to child custody to domestic violence. If you already have representation, he can advise your counsel regarding procedures, jurisdictional matters and other aspects of your appeal.

Straightforward Advice Based On Hundreds Of Appeals Handled

Lewis S. Calderon, Esq., principal attorney of the Law & Mediation Office of Lewis S. Calderon is devoted to appellate practice and has represented clients in hundreds of appeals. The firm offers a superior level of appellate advocacy through our extensive experience and client-centered counsel.

Above all, we will give it to you straight: we will give you a frank assessment of your case, your possible issues on appeal, and the pros and cons of appealing your current agreement.

We Work With Your Litigation Team

An appeal is only part of the client’s overall dispute. Therefore, we seek to have productive working relationships with our client’s trial counsel when appropriate to ensure that success at trial isn’t lost on appeal. This also helps us identify and present a crucial appellate issue to reverse a case lost at the trial level.

Unbiased Expertise And Appellate Advice

As an experienced appellate attorney, I can provide my clients and their trial counsel the fresh perspective that is needed on appeal which clarifies the issues that matter on appeal. Since I was not present for the trial or proceedings at the trial court level, I view the case in much the same way that the appellate judges are likely to view it. I am therefore able to provide objective advice that enables my clients to make informed decisions about their cases.

I have over 25 years of experience and I have handled well over 200 appeals in New York’s Appellate Divisions as well as the Second Circuit. My extensive focus on appeals is borne out in the quality of my appellate briefs. Appellate practice differs from trial practice in several fundamental ways. The success or failure of an appeal can be significantly influenced by the appellate brief. The appellate brief must summarize the key facts in a persuasive manner while identifying the key issues and explain how the trial court’s decision contradicts or finds support in the caselaw. My experience has taught us that appeals are usually won or lost on the brief, and the identification of key issues and properly framing the issues and the discussion of the law encourages the appellate court to adopt our arguments and rule in our client’s favor.

Time Is Of The Essence

You have a limited period to file an appeal following the family court’s initial decision. If you were served with the court’s decision or you received the verdict in open court, you must file your appeal within 30 days. If the clerk mailed the order to you, you must file the appeal within 35 days.

For A Free Consultation, Contact The Attorney With Proven Success In The Appeals Court

Lewis S. Calderon has a track record of proven success in securing reversals of trial court decisions and in defending my client’s on appeal. The firm is proud of its recognition and success which is illustrated by over 200 reported cases. We invite you to read about our reversals and successful defenses.

The Law & Mediation Office of Lewis S. Calderon offers clients and trial counsel from other firms a fresh new perspective on their case. For more information or to schedule a free consultation, call 718-673-2617 or send an email to schedule your initial consultation. To learn more about family law issues, visit our blog page to read recent posts about specific aspects of the law and recent events.