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Successfully resolving family disputes for over 20 years

Successfully resolving family disputes for over 20 years

Successfully resolving family disputes for over 20 years

Going To A Mediator To Stay Married? Huh?

On Behalf of | Feb 1, 2021 | Firm News |

Do you think your marriage really can be saved?  Is it even possible?

Marital Mediation or mediation to stay married is an emerging and exciting area of mediation that provide couples practical tools in how to save a marriage from divorce or to help couples who have separated to reconcile.  Many mediators share a common reaction to many of the couples who come to mediate their divorce – “why didn’t this couple come to me sooner? – I could have helped them with their communication and problem solving and kept their marriage intact.”  Out of this shared experience arose marital mediation.

How do you know if marital mediation is right for you??

  • You are having marital problems;
  • You really don’t want to get divorced;
  • You love and feel committed to your partner;
  • You would like to reconcile but you are struggling with issues that you can’t resolve.

Doesn’t this sound like marriage counseling?  Marital mediation and marriage counseling are distinct methods of helping couples although there are many circumstances where a couple could and should do both.  Marital mediation does not and cannot take the place of counseling with a licensed mental health provider.  Marriage counseling is often a long-term process where a mental health professional delves into the past and utilizes therapeutic insights and methods to help couples.

In contrast, marital mediation is a short-term forward-thinking practical approach to marital conflict.  Trained and experienced mediators can see patterns of misunderstandings, miscommunication, and assumptions between the couples that the couple themselves cannot see.  The mediator who is trained in dispute resolution techniques can help a couple learn the interests underlying their positions and help the couple find options to break their impasse and improve their communication skills and conflict resolution.

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