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Successfully resolving family disputes for over 20 years

Successfully resolving family disputes for over 20 years

Mediate Or Collaboratively Resolve Your Orthodox Jewish Divorce

Orthodox Jewish couples facing a divorce or other family conflict often face judges, their own attorneys or attorneys for the children who lack an understanding or appreciation for Jewish law and practice and how that impacts Jewish family life. As an orthodox Jewish attorney and mediator, Lewis S. Calderon deeply understands all the issues facing a Jewish couple going through a divorce or having other family conflict. He can help navigate the couple through their conflict mindful of Jewish law, traditions, and holidays.

Mediation & Collaboration Take Away The Incentive To Withhold A “Get”

An integral part of any Orthodox Jewish divorce is the giving of a “Get” which in acrimonious litigation often becomes an issue for both parties. Mr. Calderon understands the process for obtaining a “Get” and all its ramifications. More important, as our firm promotes resolution by mediation or collaboration, withholding a “Get” becomes a non-issue as the parties work together on a level playing field.

A Mediator And Attorney Who Understands Jewish Tradition And Education

Often lost in the shuffle when the focus is on the “Get” is the important traditional aspect of Orthodox Jewish life that become more difficult when the parties have two separate households. Unlike non-Jewish parents who can split major holidays unless the driving distance is too great, a divorcing Jewish couple cannot split Shabbos or holidays unless the parties live in walking distance. Mr. Calderon, as a mediator or collaborative attorney can help navigate.

  • Setting Parenting Time including Sharing or Alternating Shabbos and the Chagim
  • Decision making regarding Yeshiva or post High School Education
  • Celebrating Jewish milestones
  • Co-parenting Even Where There Are Differing Views on Religious Observance, Discipline or Hashgafa

Contact The Orthodox Jewish Attorney Lewis S. Calderon

As an Orthodox Jewish attorney, Lewis S. Calderon knows the details of New York state family law as well as Jewish laws pertaining to divorce. He always considers how actions taken will affect a Jewish family before making a decision. To schedule a free consultation, call 718-673-2617 or send an email.

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